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Ethics for Telecommunicators TCOLE Course 3925 as an e-Learning course to help you and your agency comply with statewide training standards and to obtain an intermediate and advanced certrifications. For a public safety dispatcher, the issue of ethics can pop up at almost every turn. And when it does pop up, there is unlikely to be a unanimous opinion on the “right” path to take. But honesty, integrity and reliability are a cornerstone of the public safety profession, and making the correct choice is a critical component. That is why ethics should be a part of a new dispatcher’s training, and part of the continuing education of veteran dispatchers.

Though geared towards Telecommunicators, this course is available for Texas Law Enforcement Officers statewide. We've added audio and video components to help keep your interest as you move through the course, starting and stopping as needed, to perform your other duties.

The commission would like to thank TNT Texas 9-1-1- Trainers for their efforts in providing the content used to produce this E-Learning Course

Course Prerequisites